God’s amazing grace is shown through personal freedom. View the six free videos called, ‘Embracing and Sharing God’s Grace’, and be set you free from emotional baggage and empowered to effortlessly lead those you come in contact with to Christ.

Wilma Watson has produced a free e-book and videos. The teaching, ‘Embracing and Sharing God’s Grace’, is designed for both personal reflection and small groups.

The course comes in two parts, with three sessions each. As both ‘Embracing God’s Grace‘ and ‘Sharing God’s Grace‘ build on each other, you will benefit most by starting at the first session in both parts.

Embracing God’s Amazing Grace

In session one of ‘Embracing God’s Grace, you will experience a significant shift in how to effectively forgive and release yourself and others from offences and regrets.

In session two of ‘Embracing God’s Grace‘, you will be set free from a wounded and fearful heart.

In session three of ‘Embracing God’s Grace’,  you will learn the difference between guilt and shame and how to be set free from these subtle enemies.

Sharing God’s Amazing Grace

In session one of ‘Sharing God’s Grace’,you will learn how to pray scripturally for your unbelieving loved ones and friends and get results.

In session two of ‘Sharing God’s Grace’, you will be equipped to effortlessly lead people to Jesus.

In session three of ‘Sharing God’s Grace’, you will master turning a negative into a positive, how to ask meaningful questions and point people to Jesus using the Word of God.

As a retired midwife let me show you the parallel between a physical birth and a spiritual birth.

When a baby is born, life begins when they take their first breathe. When you became a child of God, you were born of the Spirit of God. You received the Holy Spirits breathe of life.  At that point your spirit came alive!

After the baby has been delivered, the next step is to tie and cut the umbilical cord. This is equivalent, in the Spirit realm, to bringing a conclusion to the past. It cuts you off from that which ties you to your previous existence without Christ.

Click here and watch the video, Breaking the power of the past.