Loneliness is on the increase today! Are you feeling lonely? If you suffer from loneliness, let me share with you how I overcame my sense of emptiness, low self-worth, and loneliness.  Let us discover a possible cause behind loneliness!

What may lie behind loneliness and emotional pain?

by Wilma Watson

Loneliness! Are you feeling shut off, empty and alone? I know the feeling well. I was living in a very isolated area in Ethiopia doing medical work for several years. Though I was surrounded by beautiful people, I wasn’t able to communicate my deepest thoughts with them as I didn’t fully understanding the local language.  Perhaps you too may be feeling isolated and lonely even when you are with people?  I’d like to discuss and uncover a possible cause.

A lack of identity and a sense of loneliness can stem from emotional, physical, sexual or spiritual abuse.

What is abuse?

Abuse is when a person with unmet needs uses you to meet their needs without giving any regard to your needs.  In this blog, we’ll discuss the subtlety of emotional abuse and how you can be left feeling and suffering loneliness.

Emotional abandonment can produce a sense of loneliness

Emotional abandonment comes when your emotional needs are not met, which can be a generational problem.  It is exhibited when the parent is an adult child, searching for someone to nurture them.

Their own child senses this need. The child unconsciously seeks to fulfil that need by being there for the parent, instead of the adult “being there” for the child.

The child then gains a false sense of security by feeling needed, however, the child lacks someone to care for his/her own needs.  As a result, the child is left with feelings of abandonment due to his/her own emotional needs not being met.

Unfortunately, these children are usually admired solely for their achievement.  They grow up learning to put more emphasis on the ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’.

The children’s self-worth while they are being affirmed for their achievements, is high. Loneliness is not an issue. When they are not being affirmed for their effort, however, they are left with feelings of emptiness, low self-worth, and loneliness.

I know what it is like to feel empty and suffer from low self-worth, and loneliness. Having been emotionally abandoned at an early age, I sought to rescue my parents from continual discord. They were caught up in their own pain and not always available to meet my emotional needs as a child.

There is hope for you if you have suffered from emotional abandonment!

If you suffer from loneliness, let me share with you how I overcame my sense of emptiness, low self-worth, and loneliness.

I have found a friend who is with me all the time!  His name is Jesus. Jesus promised while on earth that he would never leave us or forsake us. I have got to know Jesus personally. I can talk to him as a friend any time of the day or night. He continually encourages and affirms me.

Watch this short video and discover how you can make Jesus your friend too.

As I said I know the feeling well! Still feeling lonely?  Having discovered a possible cause behind loneliness – abuse, emotional abuse, why not check out this link on exposing inner shame. https://breakfreetoday.org/session-3/
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