Embracing and Sharing God’s Grace

Embracing and Sharing God’s Grace is a free e-course and videos by Wilma Watson. It is designed to help God’s children become more confident in recognising people’s felt needs and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with them. The teaching will help them experience freedom from the obstacles that hold them back from releasing the presence and power of God. It will lead them on a journey to empower them to be an effective ambassador for Christ.

Wilma and her husband Bill have helped hundreds become children of God. Wilma’s daughter said to her recently, “Mum you should share your knowledge of how you so effortlessly get so many one-on-one saved”. So here it is, reaching people through their felt needs.

There are many today who are hurting and longing for answers. This is where we come in as Christ’s representatives! We can show them our Heavenly Father’s love and acceptance.

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  1. Ten free teaching videos, “Embracing and Sharing God’s Grace”.
  2. Free e-course, “Embracing and Sharing God’s Grace”.
  3. Scriptural prayer to help you pray effectively for your family, friends and work colleagues.
  4. Decision card to help lead people to Christ.

Embracing and Sharing God’s Grace, is designed for both personal reflection and small groups.

What is in the PDF and videos?

  •  Inner shame and unforgiveness  –  Inner shame and a wounded/hardened heart
  • Overcoming inner shame  –  Inner shame and unmet needs – part one
  • Inner shame and a unmet needs – part two   – Inner shame and generational weaknesses
  • The power of prayer   – Helping someone become a child of God
  • Learn how to build connections  – Using the Word of God to share the Good News

Great for personal reflection

The teaching has been divided into ten short sessions.  You can download a copy of the teaching free for personal use. Those new to the Christian faith or have completed a new Christian beginners’ course, (such as Alpha), would find this uncomplicated teaching extremely helpful.

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Ideal for small groups

Over a ten-week period, a leader of a small group can read through the material with the group or use the downloaded ten free teaching videos (coming soon).

  • When reading the teaching it works well to have another person assist in the reading. The leader reads the content, another reads the Bible verses and testimonies.
  • Download and print and/or email a copy of the manual for each participant.

When the leader comes to the prayers, read them first so the group are familiar with what they will be praying. Then have the people pray a responsive prayer after the leader, phrase by phrase.

  • The leader will need to supply paper and pen for each participant for sessions 4 and 6. After the participants have written on the paper, the leader will collect the papers, later pray over and destroy them.
  • Within each session there will be time given to reflect, ask questions, share and discuss. Allow at least one hour per session giving time for ministry as needed.
  • The names in the testimonies within the course have been changed to protect privacy.
  • Different Bible translations have been chosen to try to simplify what is trying to be conveyed. You can use the Bible translations given or the translation of your choice.

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Who is Wilma Watson?

Wilma and her husband Bill, have been in ministry for more and half a century. Bill, being older and needing to slow down, has passed the baton onto Wilma to produce this material.

 Bill and Wilma have personally led hundreds to Christ.  They have both proven time and again the power of the Word of God.  God’s goodness leads people to repentance and gives assurance of everlasting life.

God’s grace – how it all began – God’s perfect plan unfolds

An unmistakable inner thought filled Wilma’s mind at the age of sixteen. God told her to do nurses’ training, two years of bible college and then she would get married and go to Ethiopia as a missionary. And that is what happened!

Meanwhile, Bill had been a single missionary in Ethiopia for five years. While he was praying, Father God assured him that He would give him a wife when he returned to Australia on leave.

On his way home, to save money, Bill stopped in Singapore and bought the engagement and wedding rings believing that God was faithful and would do what He said. Through a series of God ordained events, when Bill and Wilma met, they both were very sure of God’s plan for them.  The next time they caught up they were engaged!  Married three months later!

God’s grace – thousands of Ethiopian lives transformed

Upon arriving in Ethiopia in 1968, Bill and Wilma were assigned to an isolated, famine affected, unreached area in Dawra-Konta. Wilma was the only nurse! Bill was the teacher/church planter. He was fluent in the Amharic language and experienced in church work, having previously overseen 85 churches.

Initially, the Ethiopians in their area mostly worshipped satan and were 96% illiterate. God showed Bill in a vision of thousands coming to Christ. True to the vision, God’s miraculous power turned thousands, including many witchdoctors, from the powers of darkness to God’s marvellous Light. During their ten years there, before the communists forced them to leave, they witnessed many miracles! With trained national pastors, 250 churches were established!  All glory to God!

Life back in Australia

Upon returning to Australia, Bill became the Australian Instructor for the “Change the World School of Prayer”. After several years in pastoral care work, Bill and Wilma became the Directors of Prayer Australia. Bill taught nationally, and internationally on prayer and spiritual warfare.  They are now the Directors of Gold Coast Healing Rooms.

Bill and Wilma have four children and seven beautiful grandchildren. Recently, their eldest daughter, Leanne, encouraged Wilma to write this manual. She said, “Mum, you should share with others how you effortlessly win so many to Christ.”

Wilma will show you in this course how God’s children can, through the power of the Holy Spirit, meet people’s needs and have the joy of effortlessly pointing them to Jesus!

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