There is power in giving thanks. Giving thanks for everyone and everything! It’s easy to give thanks for those who help and encourage us but let me suggest that giving thanks for everyone, is often a neglected part of our prayers!

In 1 Timothy chapter 2 verse 1 we are urged above all else: “to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf and give thanks for them.” (NLT)

In this Bible verse we are instructed to be thankful for all people. Think about that! We are to be thankful for those we don’t agree with, those who seek to control us, those who reject us and those who speak evil of us.

Thanking God for those we find hard to love shifts something in the heavenlies! It is working in the opposite spirit!

Jesus said we are to love our enemies! Do good to those who hate us. Bless those who mistreat us. Pray for those who hurt us. (Luke 6:27-28) To love our enemies, do good to those who hate us, bless those who mistreat us and thank God for all of them is a challenge for all of us!

Regularly people share with me how they have been abused and for most of them thanking God for their abusers is extremely hard, until they understand the power of thankfulness.

God loves the person who is controlling you, abusing you, rejecting you, saying all kinds of things against you. He wants you to pray and thank him for them so that you will live in peace and their eyes to be open to the truth of his love, freedom and grace.

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