Discover your destiny in a free, English cartoon PDF presentation. According to pop artist Guy Sebastian,  “This website will help you find your destiny and become the person you were meant to be.”

Life is full of questions. Some are simple to answer. Others can be more challenging – like “What is my destiny?”  The free cartoon PDF presentation will give you the answer and help you be all you can be.

The word destiny means: “The events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.”
None of us can be totally sure of our future in this life. We can plan, but sometimes thing don’t work out as planned – but we can be sure of our final destiny!

Do you feel you are chasing money yet still feel unfulfilled? Lonely? Burdened? Missing something deep inside? There is an answer!

Click on the cartoon drawing below to open the PDF file of the English version.

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Each cartoon poses a question: Searching for answers to life? Are you sure of your destiny? Does anyone really care? Wish you could start again?  A 15-page cartoon presentation then seeks to answer these questions and takes the viewer through the necessary steps to learn how they can have a personal relationship with God and be sure of their destiny.

Wilma Watson, a producer of the website, left nursing to pursue avenues to help people to be sure of their destiny for it greatly sadden her to see people die without being sure they were going to Heaven.  It was when the kernel of an idea began to form – a website designed to be seeker-friendly, easy to understand, inviting, fun to use, both non-threatening and non-compromising in its message.  She chose cartoons, as cartoons are a language everyone can understand and enjoy.

A cartoon image also encapsulates a thought that can stay in your mind longer.  Phil Spratt, the cartoonist comments, ‘As the images can linger in our minds it is said that cartoons cause people to laugh for 5 seconds and think for 5 minutes. Cartoons allow you to approach a sensitive subject in a non-threatening way as cartoons are open to interpretation”.

Cartoons are universal, breaking down language and cultural barriers. The website has been translated into Japanese, Chinese, Indonesians, Thai, French, German, and Spanish. People all around the world can now learn how they can be sure of their destiny.

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